BIG BROTHER 2022 Winner Taylor Hale In Relationship With Joseph Abdin

Officially Big Brother 24 is over with the announcement of Big Brother 24 winner Tylor hale.

Taylor Hale and Joseph abdin are kind of in a relationship that has now come to an end. In the house of Big Brother they spend quality time with each other. After the big brother 24 finale Jo safe and Taylor have been inseparable. From the start they shared a close Bond.

Taylor hale and Joseph Abdin/ NBC

In the house of Big Brother Where everyone is trying to Bully or ignore Tyler Joseph is the person who is always kind to her and helpful to her in the leftover Alliance. There were some misunderstandings in the house of Big Brother when houseguests lied to the taylor saying Joseph betrayed them during Dyre fest. Later Joseph was evicted from the house. 

Joseph and Taylor Relationship 

And recent rumours about Taylor Hale taking Joseph  into the real love boat was fake. Their relationship has ended because Taylor doesn’t want to be in a relationship too soon.

Who Support Taylor Hale

In the big brother house there were only few house guests who supported Tyler hell from the beginning. In the finale only 3 houseguest remains Matthew Turner Tylor hale and Monte Tylor.monte and  Mathew turner brought taylor hale because in final hog part 2 because taylor lost by Monty.