BIG BROTHER 24 Winner Made History| Big Brother Winner Revealed

After so many twists and turns, Big Brother season 24 announced its new winner. At the final hoh competition only three houseguests remained , Monte Taylor, Mathew turner and Taylor hale. In which Taylor Hale became the winner of Big Brother Season 24 defeating Monte taylor.

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Taylor Hale wins the big brother season 24 (CBS)

Big Brother 24 winner made history

After winning pic brother season 24 Taylor hale made history in CBS big Brother reality show she is the first black woman to win a non celebrity edition of Big Brother. Hale is also the first contestant to win championship and America’s favourite houseguest award. She won $7.5 million Grand prize and an additional $50000 for favourite house guest. 

Big Brother 24 winner

Basically in Big Brother there were three parts and final parts conducted in the presence of Juri. Contestants have to clear Arvind any part to be in the final hoh competition. In part 1 Matthew Turner won the game by defeating Monty Tyler and Tyler hail full stop in part 2 Monte Taylor won it and Taylor lost by 20 seconds. In the final contestants method Turner Monty Taylor and Taylor Hale are competing with each other.

Why Matthew Taylor lost brother

Taylor Hale was voted 8-1 by Juri and Monte is the second runner up in the game. Matthew Turner gets-off the game in the starting because of his dishonesty with other house guests.

Taylor Hale Reaction after Winning Big Brother 24

“I have overcome so much in this game and I have come to understand that I am not a shield, I am a sword, I am not a victim, I am a Victor”. I always wanted to win the game from the beginning to prove that any black women can come to big brother and play it and win it.”