Garena Free Fire/ Max Redeem Codes for 29 Aug (ff rewards)

Garena Free Fire Codes 2022 : Today we have brought to you some Garena ff reward codes for 24th August 2022 which get you elite in-game characters weapons skins, new pets etc. 

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Ff reward codes are sets of alphanumeric codes by which you can buy free diamonds, skin weapons, new outfits etc . These ff rewad codes are officially generated by official developers of Garena free fire and has a claim limit of 24 hours.

You can redeem ff reward code from official reward ff Garena com Rewards Redemption Site. Sometimes these reward codes may not work for some people because maybe the claim limit has been over. 

How to Redeem ff reward code 

Players who is new to the game and don’t know how to use the code and redeem them to unlock exciting rewards in free fire must follow The below steps:

  1. Visit the official Redemption website of Garena free fire-
  2. Login to your registered account using Gmail, Facebook , Apple, Huawei, VK or Twitter.
  3. A list of quotes will be displayed on screen.
  4. Copy and paste alphanumeric quotes one at a time in the boxes.
  5. Hit the ok button. 
  6. The reward will be revealed and will be available in your games in box from where you can use them whenever you want to. 

Note: Garena free fire is banned in India but players can play Kareena free fire Max which is more advanced as an alternative. These quotes also work in Garena free fire Max.

Garena Free Fire Redeem Code List 2022



























Top 10 Garena Free Fire Player in India 2022

TSG Jash– tsg Jazz undoubtedly is number one Garena free fire player in India and comes under 1% around the world with scoring high scores in nearly every play notes.

tsg jash

Nayeem Alam– he is an incredible gamer and player with almost 1 million YouTube subscribers. 

Rakesh00007– He belongs to BOSS GUILD and has completed 19,116 squad matches. He has accomplished over 5,945 games as a member of the squad.

Sudip sarkar– he is one of the top free fire gamer in India with most KD. He has almost 800k subscribers on YouTube channel. 

Raistar– he is one of the most well known and impressive gamer in India right now. His abilities in the game were so impressive that sometimes it feels like he is using hacks. He has over 2.3 million subscribers on YouTube.

AjjuBhai– when it comes to free fire who doesn’t know Ajju bhai is one of the most popular free fire gamer in India. Ajjubhai94 has won over 2392 out of 9231 squad Mod games

7. TSG Ritik– TSG rithik is one of the finest and incredible free fire gamers in India and around the world. He has his YouTube channel, he cousin of TSG he has also competed in free fire Asia

8. Gyan Sujan –he has a YouTube channel called Gyan gaming. He has won 5843 games over 5158 62 games he has 36.83% of win rate

Action Bolt – Anup Mandal also known as action bold is one of the best and top free fire players in India. Action bold has played 1773 squad battles and won 7959 of them. He has a victory rate of 44.7 8%.

JIGS– Jigs is no doubtly one of the best free fire games in India. Ranked over one percent algae all players in India. He is boss Guild team leader. 

You could have been searching for reward FF code but most of the codes on other websites are not in working condition or incorrect codes. Whereas we only provide Garena free fire redeem codes that are officially developed by Garena free fire developers, these developers generate ff redeem code everyday that’s why it has a claim limit of 24 hour. So please try to access Garena ff reward code assume as we published these codes on our website. Every code has a claim limit once it goes over it stops working on. 

Advantages of Garena free fire reclaim codes these codes will get you…

  • Characters
  • weapons skin
  • jewels and
  • pets in-game
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Ff reward India server, most of the Garena free fire players in India don’t buy in game stuffs like character weapons games new pets new outfits etc or I say don’t waste their money buying Kareena free fire stuffs because at the end of the day it’s just a game some to reach kids by it to show of in games also by using free ff reward codes anyone can get access to Garena free fire stuffs free of course. 

Garena Free Fire Redeem Code List

(24th August 2022)- Garena Free Fire Redeem (expiry soon) for 24 August : here’s how to Download

What is Garena free fire redeem codes ff reward or Garena free fire codes are set of alphanumeric letters that consists of some alphabet and numbers these quotes are used to get free Garena free fire stuffs like diamonds weapons new characters new pets etc ff reward are developed by Garena free fire developers everyday that’s why it has a claim limit of 24 hour. Garena free fire Max redeem codes are also available on our website you can check them out

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Why Garena free fire is popular

Free fire and pubg were the two most popular battle Royale games but when pubg bands in India due to Indo China border issue hair in 2019 free fire gets a boom number of Gamers and also set a record of most downloaded game in India Garena free fire is a vietnamese developed Battle Royale game. Garena free fire in game experience is so tempting that people or special kids play it with enthusiasm

Not only India it has globally spread and in 2021 Garena free fire set a world record of 150 million active users daily.