Kolkata Fatafat Result 31/07 Live- Check Fast Kolkata ff Result

July- 31/07/22

Kolkata FF ( fatafat) Result Today ( 31/07 ) Live- Kolkata Fatafat is a Lottery kind-of game, very popular in west bengal state. In Kolkata ff game people gamble on a certain number hoping he gets his number. Kolkata Fatafat game is played regularly on daily basis. Everyday 8 numbers are drawn 8 times a day by kolkata fatafat lottery game officials. In this post you will get details about kolkata fatafat result, dada free tips,kolkata ff result today, sutta matka result, kolkata fatafat lottery result, kolkata fatafat tips, kolkata fatafat kolkata fatafat.

31 June 22

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What is Kolkata fatafat?

Kolkata fatafat is a legal Satta lottery game in which people buy a lottery of a specific number hoping he get the lucky number drawn by Kolkata fatafat lottery officials. It’s a pure luck best game in which people’s luck make him a winner or loser the winner. Who gets the lucky number wins reward. It is a simple game in which numbers are the only player who win and loose. The cost of Kolkata fatafat lottery is 6 rupees per lottery. This game is very popular in West Bengal state of India. Bengali people play this game with enthusiasm. Kolkata fatafat lottery game has also spread in Bangladesh and other state of India.

Kolkata ff fatafat result timing

Kolkata fatafat lottery draw 8 times means it BAZISs or rounds a day. It is a daily basis game played 6 days a week in which Sunday is excluded but on Sunday only for rounds are held this schedule of game makes Kolkata fatafat and interesting lottery game in which people can try their luck or gamble on lottery 8 times in a single day.

Rounds/ BaazisTiming
1st Round10:17 AM
2nd Round11.45 AM
3rd Round01:15 PM
4th Round02:45 PM
5th Round04:15 PM
6th Round05:45 PM
7th Round07:15 PM
8th Round08:45 PM

Kolkata ff Fatafat Lottery prize

People who wins the lottery get price or reward as as money there are only 5 winners ranking first second third fourth fifth first one gets the biggest price of 1 crore rupees this prize money make next Kolkata fatafat a very interesting lottery game which people can’t avoid to play the second winner gets 9000 rupees of of money as price the third one gets 500 winning price the fourth one get 250 rupees of price money the fifth one gets 120 price money.

PositionPrize Money
First PrizeRs. 1 Crore
Second PrizeRs. 9000/-
Third PrizeRs. 500/-
Fourth PrizeRs. 250/-
Fifth PrizeRs. 120/-

27 June 22

10:17 AM11:45 AM01:15 PM2:45 PM04:15 PM05:45 PM07:15 PM08:45 PM

30 June 2022

0:17 AM11.45 AM01:15 PM02:45 PM04:15 PM05:45 PM07:15 PM08:45 PM

8th May 2022

10:17 AM11.45 AM01:15 PM02:45 PM04:15 PM05:45 PM07:15 PM08:45 PM