America's Got Talent Winner's Secret

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In Final round Female Lebanese dance Group "MAYYAS" and Australian Pole Dancer Kristy Sellars were at top 2. 

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America's Got Talent season 17 crowned new winner 'MAYYAS' on 14 september.

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Named for the Arabic word meaning "lioness" the MAYYAS was founded in 2019 by Choreographer Nadim Cherfan.

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They had already won Arabs Got Talent and competed in Britain's Got Talent before participating in AGT.

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"Its really hard. Being solo is more pressure when you're on stage, but being a group is harder for us to do one training, especially for us with the visuals". MAYYAS

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"Eventually we were strong enough to train from monday to sunday with no rest days for four months for AGT".

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MAYYAS Won AGT title along with $1 million prize and Live show at Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.