America's Got Talent Winner Reveal


America's Got Talent has a new winner on 14 september night, after talent competition featured a final round.

Female Lebanese dance Group "MAYYAS" and Australian Pole Dancer Kristy Sellars were at top 2. 

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America's Got Talent season 17 got its new winner 'MAYYAS' on wednesday 14 september night.

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Intricate choreography, fluid movements and the teamwork marked 'MAYYAS' AGT champions.

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Top 5 Finalists are MAYYAS, Kristy sellars, Drake milligan, Metaphysic and Chapel Hart .

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MAYYAS won AGT season 17 by votes and Judges Support. MAYYAS means 'lioness' in Arabic

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MAYYAS won AGT season 17 and $1 million dollars. Also Opportinuty to perform in Live show at Luxor Htoel and Casino in Las Vegas.

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