How Lebanon Reacts On America's Got Talent Winner

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Lebnese dance Group MAYYAS crowned AGT season 17 as winner on Wednesday 14 september.

After the news of a Lebnese dance group winning the AGT brought a rare moment of joy to many in this crisis-hit Mideast country.

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"Its really hard. Being solo is more pressure when you're on stage, but being a group is harder for us to do one training, especially for us with the visuals". MAYYAS

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MAYYAS, an all (40) female dance troupe, won the show by their dazzling visuals.

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MAYYAS won $1 million and a  headlining show at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

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Lebanon is going through a economic and political crisis. Although there was a high-profile rush to congratulate the dance troupe MAYYAS.

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New Season of America's Got Talent: Extreme is Coming with $5 Million prize.

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