Jury Urged $75 millions For Kobe Bryant Photos

“Koby Bryant's widow and a family friend deserve $75 millions in damages for the emotional distress they're enduring after emergency personnel shared grisly photos of a helicopter crash site where the former basketball star was killed, a jury was told

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Vanessa Bryant and Christopher Chester, an Orange County financial  adviser who lost his wife and daughter in the crash, face the rest of  their lives living in fear the photos of their deceased family members  will appear somewhere in public or online, Vanessa Bryant’s lawyer Craig  Lavoie

Bryant and Chester sued the Los Angeles sheriff’s and fire departments  claiming their constitutional right was violated when emergency  personnel attending the crash scene took photos with their phones and  then circulated them to friends and colleagues.


Chester should get $30 million, while Vanessa Bryant should be awarded $40 million in future damages.

Jerome Jackson, a lawyer for Chester

Kobe Bryant, globaly regarded as one of the best professional basketball  players of alnt his 20-year cal time who spereer playing for the Los  Angeles Lakers.


he killed with his daughter and seven others when the helicopter they were travelling in crashed in cloudy weather in January 2020.

The closing arguments in the trial occurred on what would’ve been Kobe Bryant’s 44th birthday.