Mayyas Won $1 Million In America's Got Talent

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Lebnese dance Group MAYYAS crowned AGT season 17 new winner on Wednesday 14 september.

Female Lebanese dance Group "MAYYAS" and Australian Pole Dancer Kristy Sellars were at top 2. 

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"Its really hard. Being solo is more pressure when you're on stage, but being a group is harder for us to do one training, especially for us with the visuals". MAYYAS

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Intricate choreography, fluid moves and the teamwork marked 'MAYYAS' champions.

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Mayyas AGT winner has planned to Split $1 million between all 36 dancers, and their choreographer is going to open a new dance studio in Lebanon.

AGT 2022 Finalists

1. MAYYAS- Labnese Dance Group 2. Kristy Sellars- Pole Dance r 3.Drake Milligan- Singer 4. Chapel Hart- Singers 5. Metaphysics- AI Singer

AGT 2022 Finalists

6. Nicolas Ribs- Magician 7. Sara james- Singer 8. Avery Dixon- Saxophonist 9. Yu Hojin- Magician 10. Mike E. Winfield- Comedian 11. Celia munoz- Ventriquist Singer