'Phantom of the Opera' Closing After 35 Years

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'Phantom of the Opera' the longest-running show in Broadway history, will be closing in february 2023. Show producers confirms on friday. 

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The New York production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'Phantom of the Opera' show's final or last performance will be held on Feb 18, 2023.

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The show started at the Majestic Theatre on 26 Jan, 1988 in New York, but earlier it had already hit for two years in London.

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According to producers Boradway's 'Phantom of the Opera' has been performed over 13,500 times for 19.5 million people and grossed $1.3 billion .

Globally it has been performed in front of an 145 million audience across 41 countries and in 17 languages, producers said.

 Broadway iteration will be  closing its doors for 'Phantom' but on other locations the show will still continue.

The novel ''The Phantom of the Opera'' is written by French writter Gaston Laroux, was published in 1909. In a 1925 silent film, the charater was first brought th big screen.