Top 6 Unique Halloween costume Ideas

Credits- Disney

Cruella de Vil

This halloween, you can become a villian like Emma stone's charactor. Make sure to buy a black and white wig.

Credits- Disney 

Harry Style In Pink at Coachella

Harry styles pink featured jacket, a fuchsia waistcoat and matching pant is  perfect for this halloween.

Credits- kevin mazur/getty images

Jessica Rabbit

Heidi Klum's sultry icon jessica rabbit costume is perfect for halloween party

Credits- getty images

Lady Gaga's Meat Dress

You can duplicate her terrifying fashion with a little bit of "bloody" mummy wrap

Credits- getty images

Sanderson Sisters From Hocus Pocus

If you have sisters you must try this costume for 2022 halloween. Because hocus pocus gives halloween vibes

Credits- instagram/bettermidler

Vecna from Stranger Things

No doubts vecna is the villain of the year, if you want to look diifferent you can go for this.

Credits- strangerthingstv/instagram

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